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Professional pilates reformer machine

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Four Cords, More Options With this machine, you'll strengthen your entire body, burn calories and build endurance through low impact cardio exercise. The two black regular resistance cords, red extra resistance cord and yellow light resistance cord allow you to customize your workout more than ever before on a four-cord reformer. Plus, the attractive wisteria platform makes this Pilates reformer a welcome addition to any living or workout space. Bounce and Pull Your Way into Shape The upgraded pulley system is smooth and easy to adjust, ensuring your arm and leg sessions are more enjoyable. When you're ready to burn some serious calories, tone your legs and strengthen core, switch out the padded foot bar for the patented Cardio Rebounder. With a lighter resistance, you'll work your abs. With a heavier resistance, you'll tone and strengthen your calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. And with the addition of the equipment mat, rebounding will be even more enjoyable because you'll have the comfort of knowing your floors are protected from skidding. New Ways to Stay Motivated This AeroPilates package includes four new workout DVDs: Primer, Basic, Stretching and Fat Burning Cardio. With the Primer DVD, you'll learn more about the machine, terminology, the benefits of Pilates and more. Then when you're ready, the Basic workout DVD has two workouts: The Basic AeroPilates workout for strength, flexibility and cardio and the Basic Cardio, which will get your heart rate up. Thirdly, the Stretching Workout DVD has two stretching sessions: The 15-minute Simple Stretch and the 26-minute Full Body Stretch. And when you're ready to burn fat, try out the Fat Burning Cardio DVD's Healthy Heart workout and HIIT workout. These workouts not only introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates workouts, but they will keep you motivated for years to come. This package also includes a wall chart, which can help you build your own routine.Upgraded pulleys and ropes for a smoother action
Four heavy duty, elastic cords: Two black cords, one red extra resistance cord and one yellow light resistance cord
Oversized high-density foam shoulder pads offer support and align the body
Furry hand and foot straps for added comfort
Adjustable headrest with three positions
Heavy-duty steel frame construction
Foldable frame and built-in wheels for storage and transport
Includes equipment mat to prevent skidding and protect floors
Includes four new workout DVDs: Basic, Primer, Stretching and Fat Burning Cardio
Includes full color workout wall chart


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