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70 pound heavy boxing punching bag with chains

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The heavy bag, also known as a punching bag, is a classic and effective training tool for boxers. This tried and tested piece of equipment has shaped many champions in the ring and continues to be an important piece of any boxing studio.

While the most obvious benefit of the heavy bag is a chance to practice punches and kicks, it carries a variety of other benefits that you may be unaware of. Heavy bag workouts improve technique, increase power and strength, build better balance and coordination, and reduce stress. For these reasons, heavy bag workouts are great not just for the pros, but for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness.

  • This long full length heavy bag is top quality and highly rated for professional and amateur boxers
  • Solid bag made of durable synthetic leather construction is easy to clean and will hold up to the most powerful assault in your home or commercial gym
  • The punching bag is filled to 70 pounds and measures 14-inch x 42-inch with heavy duty chain included
  • Perfect heavy bag for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and contact sport athletes alike to practice kicks, footwork and punches
  • Build strength, tone and condition your body with a muscle-building aerobic workout, training and the right fitness equipment

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