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Ice cold gym chilly towel

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 Keep cool with the chilly towel! This towel will give you a nice touch of cool whether jogging or working out. 


  • Material: Gauze
  • Maintain: Machine washable and reusable
  • Size without stretching (L x W): Approx 88 x 28cm
  • Package Includes: 1 Cooling towel
  • Colorful design, unique and full of personality
  • Make you feel cool and comfortable for several hours when you do outdoor sports, say goodbye to the hot summer
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities, such as cycling, golf, camping, climbing, fishing,  hunting, hiking, Jogging, etc.
  • Can be also used in high-temperature work, such as construction sites, driving,  welding, painting, and various industrial fields Can be even used as a first aid application for migraines, fevers, bee stings, sprains, etc.

How to use:
   1. Please soak it in cold water.

   2. The towel will absorb to save the water.

   3. Then, you can maintain the cold temperature for a long time.


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